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Jon Hoerauf, motivation expert.

Jon Hoerauf, MA

  Have you wondered why motivation sometimes lasts and other times falls short? Have you struggled to keep your team or yourself moving consistently forward toward your goal? Have you even had a difficult time defining your personal and organizational goals?

Whether as a keynote speaker, within a workshop setting, or as an individual coach, I can help you and your team Break Through to Lasting Motivation. My experience as a counselor, teacher, and team leader will empower you to identify and break through the barriers that are holding you back and keeping you from your authentic motivations. 

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Lynn Hoerauf, MA

As a natural encourager, I inspire, motivate and empower people to flourish in their lives and relationships, using their unique strengths and take on the world.  

You will be engaged, encouraged and energized through my keynotes and sessions that are filled with humor and insight while being centered around personality styles, interpersonal skills, team building, leadership and problem-solving.  

My presentations include, "Crack the Code: Problem Solving and Personality Styles,"  "Team Building and Personality Temperaments," "Play to Your Strengths, they are your Superpowers," and various Keynotes, such as "Life Lessons from the Airport."  

Testimonials for Jon & Lynn

Ava McDowell, Project Upward Bound

"Our state conference theme this year was "Engage, Empower, Energize." With the help of Jon and Lynn, our attendees left with an abundance of energy, motivated to do the work ahead with a renewed purpose."

MK - Conference participant

"Lynn was the Keynote speaker at our recent state conference, and was extremely engaging, energetic, and relevant to all those in the room. Whether they were in their 20's or their 60's, everyone enjoyed her presentation and really got something out of it. I loved the energy!"

Robert G. Ross, Upward Bound Project Director

"Lynn brings a witty and fun perspective to issues..."

Melissa Merkel, SSS Project Director, Jackson College

"Lynn's presentation was engaging and relevant, everyone was actively participating which does not always happen. I would definitely book Mrs. Lynn Hoerauf again!" 



Life Lessons from the Airport

There's the excited traveler, the worried traveler, the weary traveler, and the one just along for the ride.  With humor and insight, we discuss meandering through life's travails and triumphs with lessons that can be learned at the airport.


Crack the Code: Problem Solving and Personality Styles

Through an understanding of personality styles, we not only are able to accentuate or natural abilities, but also able to connect with the abilities of those around us and create a better solution than either could do alone.  This session provides insights into personality temperaments for a strength-based approach to problem-solving.


Breaking Through to Lasting Motivation

Getting motivated is easy, but maintaining that motivation until a goal is completed can be a challenge.  Jon helps you discover your “higher-order motivations”.  These motivations can either derail our goals and best attempts at personal and corporate growth or cary you through to lasting change.  You will discover strategies for yourself and ways to transfer this information to those with whom you work.


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